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Being Kept in the Loop

It is an exciting time to be working at The Hut. In it’s relatively short life, I suspect there have been very few occasions where there hasn’t been some exciting event on the horizon.

Having recently been briefed on the company’s Q1 performance, ‘things we learnt this quarter’ and plans for the future, I suddenly feel a real part of this organisation. We are all in this together, we’re going to aim for the stars, achieve our goals, and do it well.


An often underestimated importance of employee happiness is inclusion. To feel included is to be part of something, when included, you become a stakeholder. If you feel you have a vested interest in the success of your employer, if you feel ‘at home’ in your work, then, it can be said with certainty that, you will work harder and better.

The flip side is that if an employee feels excluded, the exact opposite effect is achieved. Morale falls, as does work rate, the care the person takes in their work and invariably the quality drops.

You’d imagine, given the clear delineation between these two outcomes, that it is a simple choice for an employer or manager to decide which path to take. This is not the case.

Often, the decision isn’t actively made and the organisation falls into a negative culture.

Communication is a word mentioned in every management handbook, HR mission statement and presentation about ‘How to Manage Effectively’, so much so that it is taken for granted and often ignored or incorrectly presumed.

Communication does not have the power to solve all of an organisation’s problems, yet, if ignored or poorly done, it does have the power to pulverize morale and undermine work done.


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