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Should I really like my job?

Now, before I start, note that this is written whilst I like my job, so is likely to be rose-tinted.

I sometimes think my job is a bit unique. Lots of people like what they do, so it’s not special. Sometimes, it frustrates the life out of me, that’s part of the challenge.

The bit that I really like, however, is the part that I think is quite rare and unique. The project completion moments, the times where weeks/months of work come to fruition. They can be found in many jobs, so its not the plain sense of achievement.

What I like the most is the buzz I get from setting various components up, wiring them together, having an idea of how something should work, constructing everything as I think it needs to be and then switching it on, running it. And it working. First time.

Whether it be a simple ‘hello world’ on a console, or a complex cog in an already complicated engine. The time an idea becomes a reality, a piece of functionality, a portable asset of some, often considerable, business worth.

The creativity of development is often overlooked. Yes, I do follow rules, patterns and standards, but all endeavours have these. The art is in making new, innovative ideas within these parameters.

Controlled creativity. Its clearly not an expressive art, “the coder here shows his love for this woman by encapsulating the shared functionality in a super class”, although some of the mood swings of devs might be similar to those of fiery tempered artists.

One more characteristic I posses is rapid change of opinion, so my next blog might be about the mind-numbing, monotonous job of coding.

Life as a dev…


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First Day at the Hut Group

Arriving at just before 10am is a pleasant treat for your first day at a new job.

Quick introductions and within 10 minutes of being in the building I am in a ‘standup’ going over the stories and tasks for the coming day/week.

A discussion with the Chief Technical Architect (of which I start off understanding 5% and end up understanding 50%), and the plan changes. Review tasks again and it’s straight into pair programming.

This is developing with Agility. Bringing everyone up to speed with short standups, lending from XP and Scrum to get the best value for development time.

When, like The Hut Group, you put Agility at the heart of your business, aims to ‘deliver good value development’ and ‘do the least amount of work to get the job done’ make perfect sense.


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