A Sit and A Think

A good sit, there is little better than opportunity for a good sit, particularly when you are busy and a pause in itself is more than welcome.

Well, over the past couple of days, I’ve had ample opportunity to sit and little hope of doing much else. Except maybe a variation, a lie down. It soon becomes apparent that you can have too much of a good sit.

You might say, the true value of the sit is intrinsically linked to the scarcity of the opportunity to sit and the proximity to the last sit you had.

I should, at this point, define what I mean by ‘sit’. Sit is not merely the action of resting your weight on your soft bit. It is almost a state of mind, a meditation. I’d go as far to say that the most important part of the sit is the opportunity to think.

With a nice brew, maybe some background music/noise, peace and a blank mind. This is the opportunity to sit, sit and think. Your mind calm, heart rate slowed and muscles relaxed, sit begins.

It was during a good sit today, I started to think. In dire need of something besides TV sport and playing on the Wii to keep me occupied on the winter weekends, I need something to occupy me constructively.

An idea is what I need. I am able to comprehensively develop web sites, supporting systems and could, with a not insignificant amount of work, set up some sort of website for myself and start advertising myself as a small-scale web developer.

Although, in doing this, I would be putting myself in competition with a huge number of similar people, some who do this for as a full time job and others who are considerably better than me at it.

I thunk on some more, I am keen to create a service/product/website/idea myself. My web skills should just be another tool to help me, not my product itself.

A great idea I’d thought around was the website Rated People. A site which links local workmen to local jobs. Where both parties are interested and is not just another Directory service.

I think their website and service is a good one, but I think it can be better.

So, to surmise, this is the kind of thing I thought about today. I suspect, I shall be spending a lot of my sit thinking over the coming weeks mulling it over and developing it.


–Congrats on making it this far, I hope future blogs will be more concise and less of a mind dump as this has been.–



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2 responses to “A Sit and A Think

  1. I remember the outside toilet in my grans house down south that had a plaque on the wall it read, ‘sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits’
    I think where you sit is the most important thing and I believe that the place I found the plaque is where the best thoughts come from.
    As for your idea for a service, I believe the one man band has a place in providing web services and its for this reason I set up http://www.taggnewmedia.co.uk and have a few sites in dev for people at the min. Balancing this with the day job is tricky and to be honest after a day’s work it can be a grind to be balancing another job. This is where the opportunity arises, what if the one becomes a few and the sharing allows for more work, less dev time, greater support and shared learning. This reduces local competition. What I’m saying is while u are performing the sit, think carefully about the realism of a one man band and the impact this has on your day job and your life of downtime…….a shared service might be a richer opportunity pooling the talents and reaping the rewards. Therefore have a think and a sit and see if http://www.taggnewmedia.co.uk and andy wynne + others might want to create an up and coming service. I’ve come to the conclusion that there is only a certain amount that can be done as a one man band and balance a day job without finding yourself sitting and staring wondering why u bothered because of the extras people want when they think you love doing web design so much you will do things for free. I think its three choices:
    – do a few sites on the side for a bit of spending money
    – take the plunge and compete with the big boys and get others involved
    – concentrate on day job and push the career so that u end up earning and fulfilling a job that gives u enuf freedom to feel self employed but not have the tax returns and lack of holidays.
    I guess this is my sit. Flush the toilet wash my hands and I’m out for a few beers. I thank you

    • Very good sit, Luke. My thoughts exactly. The danger with one man band is that the amount of time spent vs reward, per hour you may have been better off working a couple of shifts in McDonalds. Your idea of having a group of people working for themselves, supporting and playing to their strengths makes perfect sense to me.

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